Simplify job applications with dynamic emails

Hi ${first name},

As you are aware email marketing is a necessary tool for hiring good talent. However, it’s painful for applicants to click the CTA, wait for the website to load, fill the application form and so they leave midway.


Now with Mailmodo, you can eliminate this issue and get ~3X more applications by inserting market research forms within email itself. Here’s an example of such an interactive email application created with Mailmodo 👇

Now your candidates can fill the entire job application form within the email itself. Using such forms, we’ve attracted ~3x more job applications as compared to the standard HTML emails. 


If you would like to send such interactive applications in email, sign up for free on Mailmodo. (No credit card required)

Also, if you have any queries or doubts, please feel free to book a call with me using the below interactive calendar.

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