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We feel great as we send out the 10th edition of our newsletter. Till now, we have spoken about a lot of our wins as email marketers but have never spoken about the times when things go wrong and there's no going back.


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We have all made some dreadful mistakes at work when we freeze for a moment, our heart skips a beat, and we feel like we're nearing the end of our careers.


This indeed happens a lot with email marketers. 


As email marketers, we at Mailmodo have made mistakes more often than not. Recently, we forgot to add a link to one of our emails, and the other time we also sent AMP emails from a non-whitelisted sender id.

So we asked folks on LinkedIn to share their honest email marketing confessions with us. The most common were: 


You are not alone in this. We all make mistakes, but to learn and recover from them, is the holy grail. 


To help you make sure you don't repeat these mistakes anymore, we have created a checklist that you can have at your disposal and tick off all the boxes before sending an email campaign.


Here's how it will help you send error-free campaigns:

✅ Cross-check all the tiny but essential details that might hamper campaign performance

✅ Step-by-step QA check of your email processes

✅ Confidently press the send button even when sending several campaigns

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💌 Writing an Effective Apology Email

It's always good to acknowledge that you have made a mistake. Especially as a brand, it makes you more human. So in case, you decide to send an apology email after a significant (or minor) goof up in your last email, here are some ways to do that:

  1. Apologize in the subject line: 
    Here are some ideas: 
    "Oops! Something went wrong."
    "Did our last email confuse you? Let's provide some explanations."
    "Apologies for the mistake. We're so sorry."
    "We made a wrong move! Here's what happened."
  2. Introduce yourself as the sender of the previous email with errors: Showing your name and corporate role also offers the user a more "human" feel. It allows the user to understand that there are flesh and bones behind the mistake or the incorrect email. Just like everyone else, they can make mistakes.
  3. Defuse the issue. Leave the reader with a smile after reading your apology email. Example: "Oh, hi! Earlier today, we sent you an email that contained nothing but the image of a cat. This was purrrly a mistake, so please accept our sincere apologies for littering your inbox."
  4. Compensate for failure and turn the error into an advantage.

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🧐 Whether or Not to Send Apology Emails

Email is so complex. Turn-around times are short, and volumes are high. And with more than 15,000 potential email renderings, it’s impossible to avoid mistakes altogether. Some errors would be minor, like a typo in the subject line, or some would be big, like sending the wrong email entirely. 


Should you send an apology email if the mistake was a minor one?

Or should you not? 


Often, we refrain from sending apology emails after a typo in the subject line or case of a missing link. A decision tree might help solve this problem for you. 


Litmus has shared an amazing decision framework to declutter this for you and help you do the right thing.

⚡️Big Brands Do It Too. (Then Intern comes to rescue 😝)

Remember how the intern at HBO Max made a goof up. HBO took it to Twitter and very bravely acknowledged it. They turned a slip into an opportunity!


You know how they say any PR is good PR. This is a classic example of a colossal email error and virality. Owning up to your mistakes can boost your engagements because that way, you show the human-ness to your brand. 

We hope you found this newsletter interesting. Here's a GIF of the week for you! Also, you could check out our guides for more on email checklists and tips. 


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